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Education Poster for Pre-Schoolers (African Wildlife Animals) by FH Edugroup

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Some of the world’s largest and most majestic land animals are found in Africa, including the king of the jungle!

Which of these are safari animals? Which of these belong to the forests? How many of them are meat-eaters? Which ones are dangerous (not just the meat-eaters)?

Let the kids learn about some of the world’s largest and most majestic land animals, which are found in Africa! Teach them to identify these wildlife animals using our educational poster, so the next time you bring them to the zoo, they are able to identify them!

Bonus idea: You can even quiz them on which are the most dangerous animals they should be wary of. And note that it’s not only the carnivores that are dangerous!

Material: High-Quality Poster Paper
Lamination: Gloss
Dimension (L x W): 75cm x 51.5cm